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Office Manager/

Accounts Manager

Alison Douty

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Heidi Arendt



About Wilson Manufacturing

Wilson Mfg. Co. • P.O. Box 366 • Pipestone, MN 56164
(507) 825-2069 • (800) 728-6145 • (507) 825-4653 - fax

About Wilson Manufacturing

Wilson Manufacturing Company  was founded by Gail Wilson in 1952 in Pipestone, MN.  Gail and his brother operated an implement business in Pipestone.  When Gail or his brother sold a piece of farm equipment that required a hitch pin to be hauled home, Gail would have to go to a competitor and purchase a hitch pin.  Gail was not satisfied with the designs of the pins that were available.  So Gail constructed his own hitch pin from an old hay loader spring tooth and then would give the customer a choice between the pin he constructed or the pin he went and bought from his competitor.  Almost every farmer took the pin that Gail constructed.  Soon after this, Gail's brother went back to farming and Gail started his new career.

Gail started the business in his garage, and worked only on a part time basis in the summer.  He developed his own line of hitch pins, and many special tools that were used to wind springs by himself.  And some of these special winding tools are still used today.  The astonishing part about all this, is that Gail was blind.

Howard Douty, an independent sales rep who lived in Pipestone, was looking for a business that would allow him to stay home and devote more time to his family.  He knew of the business and struck a deal to buy Gail Wilson Manufacturing in 1969.  At that time he moved the company to his garage and operated the business there until he required additional space.  In 1975 Howard moved the business to its present site,  where it has grown to more than five times its original size.

Over the years Howard was constantly challenged by the industry to come up with new and more innovative ideas.  To keep up with this new demand Howard went out and purchased faster and more precise machinery.  Howard's background in sales played a major part in the early growth and development of the company.

In the early 80s, Howard decided to change the name of the business to "Wilson Mfg Co.".

During this time of growth and development Howard's son Robert Douty moved back to Pipestone with his family after serving 8 1/2 years in the military. 

After 9 years of being the Plant manager Robert bought the business from his father in 1990.  He is currently the Owner and President.


In 1997 Robert's son Joseph Douty moved back to Pipestone after attending Mankato State University.  Joseph is currently the Vice President of Production.

In addition to Robert and Joseph , Robert's wife (Mieko)  works in the Packing Dept,  and Joseph's wife (Alison) is the Office/Accounts Manager.   Joseph's Father-in-law works in the Mfg Shop.  So we truly are a "Family owned and operated business".

During the early years Wilson Hitch Pins were painted green, which was a very time consuming  process.  Now all pins are  zinc plated.

Wilson Manufacturing Co. has several salesmen who travel to various buying group shows and also call upon individual stores promoting Wilson Manufacturing Co. products.  The increase in custom orders, assisted by Computers, Fax machines, E-mail and our website allows faster and more efficient service for filling orders, and completing quotes.

Wilson Manufacturing Co. is proud to be a second and soon to be third generation family owned and operated business.  Wilson Manufacturing Co. prides itself on quality and timely delivery of its products.  And we know without valued customers like yourself, there would be no Wilson Manufacturing Co.